The Amazon Insult Continues…

So I’ve spent today waiting for Amazon’s explanation of why several of my erotic romances have been delisted. Still waiting. So far I’ve heard that it’s a glitch, a troll, and even blaming France. The only thing I do know is that sales ranks have not been reinstated on my books and I’m not happy about it.

For those who don’t understand what it means, let me explain. The sales # associated with a book is no great shakes. It’s just that that sales # affects a book’s visibility on the various Amazon bestseller lists (of which there are many), and the “If you like ___, then you’ll like ____” comparison, which also increases a book’s visibility.

My erotic romances almost always hit several of the Amazon bestseller lists. Which means…more visibility for my books to readers who might not go to Amazon looking specifically for Jaci Burton, but would go there looking for….let’s say, hey, let’s look at the top 100 contemporary romances, or the top 100 erotic romances, or the top 100 adult fiction titles. Yes, I’ve been on all those lists every day. Now? No. Because my books don’t have sales #’s on them. Hence the term ‘delisted’. Does it affect my sales at Amazon? You bet your ass it does.

What’s even more bizarre? Go to Amazon, click on “All Departments”. Then in the search box type in “Porn”. The first item up is Naughty Girls Rock, a dvd. It has a sales ranking. Or type in “Vibrators”. The # 1 item is the Trinity Rabbit Vibrator. And yes, it, too has a sales rank. But my books? No sales rank. So explain to me, Amazon, what exactly are you trying to protect your customers from? Gay, lesbian fiction and non fiction as well as erotic fiction? But it’s okay for your customers to buy porn and vibrators? If y’all understand that, then you’re smarter than I am.

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