Dear Amazon


I have been a faithful, loyal customer for years. I have sent my readers to you to buy my books. I buy books from you to give away as contest prizes. I buy gift certificates, music downloads, movies, Kindle books…basically, I’ve been your love slave.

To repay my love for you, you have removed the ability of my readers to find and buy my books. In addition, you have stripped the sales rankings and searchability of select fiction and non-fiction gay and lesbian titles, as well as titles for many erotic fiction works from hundreds and possibly thousands of authors. To me this is unacceptable, is censorship in its worst form and is not your job. Your job is to present the products as offered, equally and without restriction of any kind.

Most of us humans are able to choose for ourselves what we want to buy and what we don’t want to buy. There are many books/movies/magazines/whatever on your site that I find offensive to my sensibilities. I don’t buy them. I click away when I see something I don’t like. I don’t make you take it off your site or insist you make it hard/impossible/ridiculous for your customer base to find whatever item I find offensive. And you know why? Because I believe in every human’s fundamental right to choose for themselves.

I’d like to think those who buy from Amazon all have the basic intelligence to do the same. And that you, Amazon, have the decency to say no to censorship in any form.

Thank you.

Contact Amazon Exec office e-mail – or the customer service phone number at 1-800-201-7575.

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