Awesome News, Awesome Books and Awesome Heaving Bosoms!

Heh…How’s THAT for a title for today’s blog?

So let’s talk about something other than Amazon for a change? Though my sales rankings are back up. Yay!

Awesome news – RIDING ON INSTINCT made the Barnes & Noble and Borders Bestseller Lists! Super thank yous to everyone who bought my book! I really, really, appreciate it! :heart:

Awesome books – Lots of awesome books releasing today:

Lauren Dane’s Always, available at Samhain Publishing. Everything Lauren writes is golden. Go forth and purchase.

Excerpt and buy links here


Mandy Roth’s Going The Distance, available at Samhain Publishing. Mandy is an incredibly talented writer of many genres, successful at all.

Excerpt and buy link here

And the Smart Bitches, Sarah Wendell and Candy Tan, have finally released the long awaited Beyond Heaving Bosoms, a very irreverent and loving look at the romance industry.


I can’t think of two people who love the romance industry more than the Smart Bitches. This book is funny and insightful and smart and if you want to consider yourself a smart bitch (and really, who doesn’t?), get this book at your nearest bookstore or online retailer. (And no, I’m not linking to Amazon.) But the Smart Bitches have links up at their site here

So lots of great books to get out there and read today. Including mine, if you haven’t yet. :giggle:

10 thoughts on “Awesome News, Awesome Books and Awesome Heaving Bosoms!

  1. 1
    TJ Michaels says:

    Going forth to purchase right this very moment!

  2. 2
    GladysMP says:

    And this is definitely AWESOME news! I love humor and this sounds like it is right down my alley.

  3. 3
    Melissa says:

    Yeah, Jaci!!
    And can’t wait to read Always, and so have to get a copy of heaving bosoms….I need the laughter right now!!!

  4. 4
    kh says:

    wtg jaci tha t is good news

  5. 5
    Katy M says:

    Loved Riding on Instinct! And I have seriously got to check out Lauren Dane; she’s been on my TBB list for months. Bought my plane ticked to RAW this month, so my book budget is zilch for the rest of the month.
    I’ve always loved the SB’s even when I don’t agree with their reviews; they are pure snarky goodness and dynomite with a google bomb!

  6. 6
    Lea says:


    Awesome news Jaci!! I never doubted it! You totally rock, as does Riding On Instinct. 🙂

    Warm Regards

  7. 7
    Donna Fournier says:

    Congrats Jaci !!!
    And I’m very glad the embarrassing and ham-fisted cataloging error of Amazon is
    being corrected. I received that as part of a explanation e-mail from them.
    I just ordered 3 more of your Books.
    The Riding Series
    I like your Ballsy Attitude Jaci.

  8. 8
    Christine says:

    Hi Jaci!
    Congratulations on your best selling status with B&N and Borders for Riding On Instinct! That is fantastic news! *confetti*

    On a down note, I’m so sorry about all the whole Amazon fiasco. What terrible disrespect they have demonstrated toward both authors AND readers alike.

  9. 9
    Ashlynn says:

    Awesome news! That’s a great accomplishment. Proud of ya, girlie!!

  10. 10
    Lauren says:

    thanks for the book love and congrats again on making the lists!

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