Hump Day Yawning

Biker Dude decided I needed to wake up before 5 a.m., just because I was going to work with him today. He’s insane. And I’m tired. 😥

Copyedits for Hunting the Demon are finished and will be shipped back to Bantam today! :cheer:
Yesterday I also managed 5 pages on Riding Wild. Not much, but at least the copyedits are done. Now I can get back to finishing the book.

Though today I probably won’t get much done since I’m stuck at the office. Bleh.

Gina’s blogging about the celebrity phenomenon over at Magical Minxes today, so go visit her and your .02. Remember, Gina is the heroine in Surviving Demon Island, and if you don’t know Gina, then you haven’t read my book. And if you haven’t read my book….why the hell not? :giggle: