Thursday Thirteen #15


1. I have a book that’s due in exactly S-E-V-E-N days.

2. Said book isn’t finished yet.

3. Nor is it edited.

4. So I really shouldn’t be doing Thursday Thirteen this week.

5. But I didn’t do TT last week, and I missed everyone 😥

6. Plus, I just finished copyedits on another book, and I’m so far behind on everything else.

7. Did I mention the book that’s due in S-E-V-E-N days?

8. The one that isn’t done yet?

9. The one that, once finished, I’ll have to read through and revise before I send to my editor?

10. Maybe I’ll write drunk.

11. Really bad idea. Then again, maybe not. :giggle:

12. Anyway, that’s why I shouldn’t be doing this week’s TT.

13. But screw it. I’m doing it anyway. Even though I have a book due in S-E-V-E-N days. :hide:

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