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A Note To My Readers

I wanted to clarify something that I think, in light of recent events, is important.

I ran a blog post and sent out a notice this week about postcards being available for my upcoming book, and stated if you were interested in receiving one, you send your mailing info to my assistant. She expressed concern that she wasn’t receiving full mailing address information. (Such as lack of a name to go with the address).

I appreciate everyone’s wariness, and want to assure you of several things.

1). When I run a contest or send out postcards, here’s what happens. I give you the email of my assistant. She lives in a different state from me, so in the case of postcards, you send your information to her directly. I don’t see your name and address at all unless you’ve emailed it to me directly. If such is the case, as soon as I forward your information to my assistant, I immediately delete it from my computer.

2). Once my assistant sends either a prize or post card to you, she immediately deletes your information from her computer. We will never, ever, save your information. It’s not compiled in a database, it’s not saved in a mailing list. It’s used for the purpose it’s intended, and then immediately and forever deleted.

I want to assure you that your privacy is important to me. If you have concerns, you can always address them to me at jaci @ jaciburton. com or to my assistant Fatin @ novelsidekick . com

Thank you.

The Unleeshed Auction!

I’m participating in an auction to support a girl’s softball team’s dream to make it to their World Series this summer. I hope you’ll help support this team, too, along with many members of the romance community. There are some awesome items up for bid.

I’ll be participating in the following ways:

Lunch with me and awesome author Maya Banks at the RWA National Conference this year in July in Anaheim, California. If you live anywhere near the Anaheim area, or if you’re planning to be in attendance at the conference this year, lunch with Maya and I is up for bid. You can pick our brains about our books, or if you’re a writer, we’re happy to talk about writing. And there will be special presents at the lunch!

I’m auctioning autographed copies of all my Play by Play series books, to include THE PERFECT PLAY, CHANGING THE GAME, TAKING A SHOT, and an ARC of PLAYING TO WIN, my September, 2012 release (ARC to be given to winner as soon as it’s available).

There are so many other amazing items up for bid, including ARCs of upcoming books, lunches with authors and agents, critiques, guest appearances in books, goodies and oh so many books. There’s even a first edition hardcover copy of Dances with Dragons, signed by George R.R. Martin. Wow!

Please head over to the UNLEESHED auction site and check out all the items up for bid. Auction runs from March 1st to March 3rd.

Hey, Guess What?

I’m still here!

The holidays, coupled with physical therapy and a book deadline kicked my butt. But I’m still here, working away on editing the book that I finished (Playing To Win, Play-by-Play Book #4) so I can turn it into my editor this week.

I promise to be back soon, hopefully with something fun and to update you on my book release schedule for this year.

In the meantime, is anyone having winter out there? It’s very bizarre here in Oklahoma. We’re having like…no weather. It’s in the 50’s here. Some days it reaches 60. Not a snowflake has fallen all season (knocking hard on wood here). So not like a typical January. I know we had a miserable summer, so maybe Mother Nature is taking pity on us and giving us a mild winter. I’m almost afraid to say that because as soon as I do we’ll get three freakin’ feet of snow or ice dumped on us. But this is very strange. Not that I mind it at all, but still…strange.

And speaking of things that are strange–they are strange. All three of them:

That’s Jaz, Sam and Bee. They were helping me cook (i.e. hoping food would magically fall from the counter into their mouths). Sadly for them, it didn’t.

The strangest of them all is Sam. He routinely stares at–nothing. Like the wall, or the floor. Or in this instance, the tv that wasn’t turned on.

I think he sees dead people.