Tuesday, Progress and all that

I have less than 50 pages in copyedits left, so I’ll finish those today. Actually I have to finish those today because that baby is going back to Bantam tomorrow. :giggle:

I did manage to sneak in some writing yesterday too. Got 10 pages in because I couldn’t not write something. Progress is progress, ya know, and the deadline is breathing down my neck.

For those who asked about Fast Draft, it’s the creation of author Candace Havens. She gives workshops on how to do it, but basically it’s write a book in two weeks. Here’s the link to her site and workshop loop. I’m just using what I learned, which is basically write the damn book, turn off the internal editor and get the pages down. Trust me, it works. If I hadn’t been slammed with copyedits last week I’d have done a lot more, but I still managed a crapload of pages last week while juggling copyedits on top of that.