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Wherein The Weekend Doesn’t Quite Go As Planned

Yes, I still have prize winners to pick from last week’s love fest of my book release. Bear with me. I haven’t forgotten )

So Saturday Biker Dude and I had an actual, honest to God day off together. I stayed off the internet (*gasp*…shocking, but true). We went out to breakfast, did a little shopping and saw HUNTING THE DEMON on the New Release shelf at Borders! :boobie:. I grabbed the books and signed them. Wooo hooo!. Then we came home and took a bike ride and watched 300.

Anyway, here’s where the plans went awry….I had intended to spend Saturday night and Sunday doing final editing on The Demon’s Touch so I could turn the book into my editor next week. Saturday night Biker Dude goes outside to feed the dogs and Buddy, who had his ACL surgery 4 weeks ago, isn’t coming over to him. Buddy isn’t getting up. Buddy can’t get up. Buddy can’t walk. :dammit:. So Biker Dude had to pick up and haul all 90 lbs of Buddy into the house. This morning we took Buddy into the vet (who I’m sure was thrilled with the emergency call on a holiday weekend. But hey, we didn’t call at midnight last night. We were conisderate). Vet thinks it’s either his OTHER leg this time (oh joy) or maybe his hips. But she’s not the orthopedic doc. They’ll be in Tuesday. So armed with new pain pills, we took Buddy home where he still isn’t walking. Makes for agonizing trips outside when Buddy has to pee. Biker Dude is doing a ton of weight lifting this weekend.

Fun stuff. Not. :doglick:

Releasing A Book Is Like Giving Birth

A book release is a lot like pregnancy, labor and childbirth (I gave birth to two children so I know what I’m talking about.)

When you get a book deal, it’s like finding out you’re pregnant. Elation, supreme happiness, and planning for the future. Then you settle in and nest for those long months, plotting and planning along the way. It’s hard. There are aches and pains and moments of extreme nausea, but you know in the end it will all be worth it.

Then as the date draws near the book release, you feel heavy, unsettled, and profoundly uncomfortable. You worry… a lot. But you’re also so damn excited you can hardly stand it. You want it to happen and you want it to happen RIGHT NOW. You want everyone in the whole world to see your baby, and hope they love it as much as you do.

Then…release day. The birth day of your baby, your pride and joy. Oh, it’s painful, but it’s finally here. And you hold that precious bundle in your hands for the very first time..and it’s so beautiful, and you know all those long months of misery were worth it.

HUNTING THE DEMON was born on August 28th, 2007. I hope you love my baby.

Oh, and I’m having twins, because EXCLUSIVE releases next Tuesday. It’s been a damn hard several months of this ‘pregancy.’ Now you know why I’m so exhausted. :giggle:

In celebration of the birth of my twins, I’m giving away a bag of promo items I picked up at the RWA conference. Cool stuff –pens, magnets, bookmarks, excerpt booklets and all kinds of fun stuff–so post here about what new ‘babies’ you’ve been admiring recently. Either newborns or those about to be born.

Release Day!!!!

Hunting The Demon releases today! :hips:

Okay, so I’m telling myself I dragged myself out of bed at 5 something a.m. to see the eclipse (and how freakin cool is it that there’s a lunar eclipse on Hunting The Demon’s release day? Are the celestials aligned or what? :giggle:), but frankly, I was ready to be up. I’m excited. This isn’t my first book by any means, but I’m still excited as if it was my very first book. People, this never gets old for me. I’m never blase’ about a book release. My pulse races, my stomach has butterflies and I’m chewing-nails nervous with every book release. I hope you love Nic and Shay as much as I do.

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