Release Day!!!!

Hunting The Demon releases today! :hips:

Okay, so I’m telling myself I dragged myself out of bed at 5 something a.m. to see the eclipse (and how freakin cool is it that there’s a lunar eclipse on Hunting The Demon’s release day? Are the celestials aligned or what? :giggle:), but frankly, I was ready to be up. I’m excited. This isn’t my first book by any means, but I’m still excited as if it was my very first book. People, this never gets old for me. I’m never blase’ about a book release. My pulse races, my stomach has butterflies and I’m chewing-nails nervous with every book release. I hope you love Nic and Shay as much as I do.

It should be available in all the bookstores, both in person and online. If you spot it somewhere, let me know. I’m always excited to hear about sightings of my book. If I can muster up the enthusiasm to comb my hair and get dressed today, I might go out and wander the bookstores. Maybe. I had a really long day at Biker Dude’s office yesterday, and I need to dig in and start editing The Demon’s Touch, so I might just stay home with uncombed hair. Heh. Then again, the need to see my book on the shelves is great. Sense my dilemma here? And my totally schizoid personality? :goodevil:

I’m guest blogging today over at The Midnight Hour with Cheyenne McCray, so come see me. More prizes! :cheer:

And my wonderful friends Larissa Ione and Stephanie Tyler’s cowritten book as Sydney Croft releases today too and it’s an absolutely stunning erotic romance debut, so check out Riding The Storm. I’ll be talking about that on my blog tomorrow and so will they. :sasmokin: