Hey, Guess What?

I’m still here!

The holidays, coupled with physical therapy and a book deadline kicked my butt. But I’m still here, working away on editing the book that I finished (Playing To Win, Play-by-Play Book #4) so I can turn it into my editor this week.

I promise to be back soon, hopefully with something fun and to update you on my book release schedule for this year.

In the meantime, is anyone having winter out there? It’s very bizarre here in Oklahoma. We’re having like…no weather. It’s in the 50’s here. Some days it reaches 60. Not a snowflake has fallen all season (knocking hard on wood here). So not like a typical January. I know we had a miserable summer, so maybe Mother Nature is taking pity on us and giving us a mild winter. I’m almost afraid to say that because as soon as I do we’ll get three freakin’ feet of snow or ice dumped on us. But this is very strange. Not that I mind it at all, but still…strange.

And speaking of things that are strange–they are strange. All three of them:

That’s Jaz, Sam and Bee. They were helping me cook (i.e. hoping food would magically fall from the counter into their mouths). Sadly for them, it didn’t.

The strangest of them all is Sam. He routinely stares at–nothing. Like the wall, or the floor. Or in this instance, the tv that wasn’t turned on.

I think he sees dead people.