Five Things

1. Still writing Taking A Shot (the hockey book), which is why you haven’t heard much from me, because I’m on omg deadline.

2. The weather here in Oklahoma can’t freakin’ decide what it wants to do. One day it’s 80, the next day it’s 50. I’m in between wardrobes. One day it’s capris, short sleeved shirts and flip flops, the next day it’s sweats, socks and hoodies. Come the hell on and make a decision already, Mother Nature. I’m ready for it to be warm, dammit. (rather cranky about this in case you hadn’t noticed).

3. The television season is wrapping up, with finales coming left and right. Survivor’s season finale rocked my socks off. Castle made me go ‘omg’. How I Met Your Mother made me squeal with joy and wiggle with anticipation for what’s to come in the future. I can’t wait for The Good Wife and NCIS tonight and the Grey’s Anatomy finale Thursday. What are you all waiting for?

4. My body needs to look like Giselle Bundchen’s by the end of June. I highly doubt this is going to happen, especially since I made a red velvet cake over the weekend.

5. There’s nothing more precious to me than my granddaughters. I miss them so much since they moved to California, but I got to Skype with them over the weekend. They’re both adorable, so must share this pic. I love my baby girls.

That’s it for me. What’s up with you?