Garden Progress

It’s been a month since we planted our vegetable garden, and the weather finally started to warm up, so things are growing. Yay!

We have strawberries! Lots and lots of strawberries. Those suckers are trying to take over the whole garden, though. Will have to container those next year.

Our three tomato plants have grown enough to need cages.

We’re going to have a lot of onions! A lot more than are shown year since we have them in both garden boxes.

Funny story about our potatoes. All the garden sellers were out of potatoes when we went shopping, so we took some old potatoes I had around–you know, the ones growing eyes? Cut them up and stuck them in the ground. Voila. Potatoes growing like crazy in the garden. Yay!

The peppers and zucchini and squash and herbs are all doing really well too, despite some late spring frosts.

How is your garden doing, or are you just getting started?