The Pit Stop

Biker Dude and I went out for dinner last night, and on the way home we HAD to stop at the store for a necessary item.

We were out of dental floss. I ran out of dental floss two days ago. It’s an absolute must that we have floss in the house. And of course, while we were there I had to pick up a few more items that we were running low on that I couldn’t run out of, like coffee creamer. I can’t stand coffee without cream. Also, I was out of cereal. I can’t be without cereal. I eat it every day for breakfast. These are essential items that if we run out, I panic. Oh, and bubblegum. I chew bubblegum while I write. It’s my crack. Without bubblegum, serious withdrawal symptoms occur and I can’t write.

What essential items can you not live without and have to make a dash to the store because you HAVE to have it? (Besides toilet paper, of course. That’s a given…heh)