Random Whining For The Week

So #1 son and his family have packed up and moved back to California. That means I won’t get to see this beautiful face:

Or this beautiful face:

I’m going to miss them all so much. Much unhappiness at my house this week. 😥

And then yesterday I was out running errands and somehow managed to lose my WileyX sunglasses. They’re my favorite sunglasses. Biker Dude called me old and senile. Then again he lost his wedding ring several years ago, so he’s still the biggest loser. Heh. Still, my sunglasses! :gah:

To top it all off I’ve been fighting some bizarre stomach virus this week that’s making this horrible week even worse. And the allergy cough that’s keeping me up at nights. I’m exhausted.

And don’t even get me started on the biblical type rains that have dumped epic storms on us the past few days:

Can this week be over now please?