Where In The World Is Jaci?

More aptly titled, What The Hell Has Jaci Been Doing And Why Is She Ignoring Her Blog?

You know, it seems like only yesterday that I blogged. Not last week. But I looked up from my desk and saw that it had been an entire week. Sorry about that. The world keeps spinning around me, and the tornado of my life keeps throwing its debris at me, so I’ve been busy chasing after it so it doesn’t come crashing down.

When I sat down to write this blog I figured I’d fill you in on everything that’s been going on since last week since I was obviously way too busy to blog.

Yeah, I’ve got nothin’. Routine, mundane, everyday tasks like writing the book (lots of time spent flogging the book. Lots and lots of lots of time), doing the laundry, grocery shopping, picking vegetables from the garden, trying to keep the dogs from having heat stroke because it’s whoa and damn hot outside. People, it’s only June and we have heat indexes over 100 degrees already. What will August be like? Ugh. Biker Dude and I went for a long ride on Sunday and it was eleventy million degrees outside. He loves the heat. Me, not so much. I needed many stops at air conditioned convenience stores for ice cold drinks. Am certain he hates me because I’m such a sissy. (Sorry, babe.)

Since my last blog I have ordered new sunglasses to replace the ones I stupidly lost (I know, you’re all thrilled for me, aren’t you?). Went shopping over the weekend and bought some stuff for the RWA National conference in Orlando in July. And then ordered more stuff online. I do love to shop, and there are a few more things I still need to get. Gah. Conferences are expensive, especially when you need cocktail dresses and shoes.

I got the new iPhone4! Very excited since my last iphone was the 3g i bought almost 2 years ago. This new one is slick and shiny and fast and graphically beautiful. Just activated it started playing with it today, and loving it so far.I use the camera on my phone a lot so having the zoom will be fun, and it has video! Wheee! So are you all iPhone junkies, or are you AT&T haters and you do other phones and services? I’m always interested in where people stand in cell phone land.

Will be back tomorrow. I promise. 🙂