Update On My Garden

Remember my vegetable garden in April?

Let me remind you what it looked like when we planted it:

Here it is now:

It’s grown into some bizarre alien life form. Not even kidding.

The tomato plants are taller than me. Here’s a peek at some of the tomatoes in there. We can’t even see all the tomatoes, but I’m sure we’ll have plenty well into fall.


The cucumber plant is winding it’s way around the entire garden and every day I look there’s a new cucumber or two.

And the green beans that I planted from seed are growing beautifully. In fact, I need to go out and pick some.

I harvested this green pepper last week and put it in a salad. It was yummy!

We’ve already pulled out and eaten a lot of our potatoes and onions and they were great.

For our first year vegetable gardening, we’ve been astounded at the growth of everything. I really believe it’s all the rich dirt we brought in. And the manure (veggies must really like to grow in shit. Heh). And the hella rain we got this spring.

More updates next month!

How about all you gardeners out there? How’s it going?