Epic Romance

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day. Let me tell you about mine.

First let me start out by saying this is in no way a complaint against my husband. My husband is awesome and I love him more than anything.

Saturday I had a migraine, so I spent most of the day popping pain pills and laying(lying?) around on the couch watching tv and doing mostly nothing. By Sunday morning I had the pain pill hangover and yet another headache, this one Sinus. joy. But I took a shower and we went to breakfast, then the grocery store. Oh, let me tell you about the grocery store. As we got out of the car and were walking through the parking lot, there were a LOT of guys walking out the door with flowers in hand. And then we walked in the front door and were inundated with HOLY CRAP MASSIVE DISPLAY OF RED ROSES! That’s so the guys walking on the morning of Valentine’s Day don’t panic wondering where they can flowers. Heh.

So anyway, grocery shopping on Valentine’s Day. Romantic as hell, huh? But oh, it gets better. We came home just in time for the start of the NASCAR race. Daytona 500, baby, the Great American Race, the kickoff to racing season.

Snore. Total snoozefest. You’d think they’d have figured out the structural integrity of the racetrack was breaking down BEFORE the race, right? So they wouldn’t have to stop the race Twice? But the end of the race made up for it, even though the race took like 15 hours to run. Okay, it didn’t take 15 hours. Just felt that way.

Anyway, while I was watching the race, Biker Dude was painting bathroom doors. We’re doing a bathroom remodel. Over the past couple weeks he ripped out carpet and tile, took down wallpaper (people…wallpaper sucks. Taking down wallpaper sucks. What a heinous project THAT was). He’s been painting the bathroom and all the trim. This week the tile dudes will be coming in to retile the shower and bathroom floor. So Biker dude was painting doors in the garage all day.

So while he did that, I did…uh…nothing. See aforementioned killer headache.

And thus was my Valentine’s Day. No flowers. My husband will come home sometime during the year that isn’t a holiday or my birthday and have flowers in his hand, for no occasion or particular reason. Those are the kinds of things that make me smile and make my heart melt, because he’ll buy me flowers because he wants to, not because he thinks he has to. And I can’t have chocolate anymore. Dammit. :giggle:

I’m not really big on these holidays that make you spend a craptastic amount of money for no good reason, when love should be celebrated in small ways every day. A smile, a touch, a glance, a kiss, a kind word between friends, a gesture that shows someone you care. That’s love, not candy and flowers and expensive dinners. j

As far as my husband, he is redoing my bathroom. And it’s been a giant pain in the ass project that’s eaten up his nights after work for the past few weeks. Any man who would do that has to love me, right? :heart: