Photo Time!

I’m currently working on the synopsis for my first MIRA suspense, working on writing my football story for Berkley, and this week I got edits for RIDING THE EDGE, my novella in NAUTI AND WILD, the anthology I’m in with Lora Leigh this year. Yikes!

Which means I’m buried in work and totally without a brain cell to spare. So how about some photos of my grandchildren? I know it’s been awhile since i showed you a picture of my gorgeous granddaughter who was born in October. She’s four months old now…can you believe it?

Here she is yesterday sitting at my laptop, so I hit the webcam and took a pic:

And not to be outdone is her gorgeous big sister who had some fun in our recent snow. (Can you see the missing front teeth when she smiles? Totally melts my heart.)