Need A Crier?

I went to a funeral yesterday. One of the contractors that Biker Dude works with passed away, and since I worked with Biker Dude for about 5 years, I knew the contractor quite well and liked him a lot, plus I’d met his wife at a few events, so I went to the funeral with him.

The husband and wife used to love to dance together, so during the funeral they had a woman get up and sang Patsy Cline’s Crazy, and I knew that was the beginning of the end for me. Why? Because I’m a weeper. Take me to a wedding or a funeral and it’s all over for me. Play some sad music and I’m sobbing. So five minutes into the funeral (which was held in the gymnasium…this is small town Oklahoma, people.). So here I am, not at all related or close to the deceased, sobbing in the bleachers of the gymnasium. My husband is sitting next to me probably thinking ‘Why did I bring her with me?’. Three tissues later the song ends and I compose myself. Until she sang “Look At Us” by Vince Gill. Yup, there I went again. My husband rolled his eyes at me, but he held my hand while I wept into my hankie.

Certain music always seems to get to me, whether it’s at a wedding, a funeral or watching a movie or tv show. At my father in law’s funeral it was You Were Always On My Mind by Willie Nelson. Yup, that one made me sob. I held it together really well at my mother’s funeral, right up until the choir started singing Ave Maria. Then I lost it. At my nephew’s wedding, they played Celine Dion’s Because You Loved Me, a song always guaranteed to get my waterworks going. This is probably why my husband always carries a handkerchief with him when we go to these events. He knows me well.

So if you need a big crier at your events, I’m your girl. Though as my husband pointed out to me last night, I might not be the best person to attend a funeral of some guy I barely know since he said ‘Next time don’t cry so loud up in the bleachers so they don’t think you’re some woman who was sleeping with the guy and now you’re all broken up about his death.” O-M-G :hide:

Does the music get to you at the funerals or weddings like it does to me, or can you hold it together all right?