Not Resolutions…Goals

I don’t do resolutions…they seem kind of pointless to me. No one keeps resolutions. But every year at the beginning of the year I lay down some goals I’d really like to achieve for the year. And then hope like hell I can remember what they are. Heh.

So here are my goals for 2010:

1. Less procrastinating. Set daily goals and get them done. Omg…I have a black belt in procrastination. I kid you not. Must break this really bad habit NOW. Will result in less panic on the tail end of deadlines. :gah:

2. Lose the 25 lbs I’ve managed to accumulate while sitting on my ass writing books. This will actually require eating less junk food and desserts. Sad. 😥

3. Exercise more. A lot more. See #2

4. Read more. I love to read, I do read, but not nearly enough and that’s just a damn crime. Maybe if I watched less tv….

5. Watch less tv. See #4 (This is probably not going to happen since I’m a total tv whore, but I’ll throw it out there anyway)

6. 2000 words a day, minimum, while working on a book. No excuses. Get off the internet and write, bitch.

7. More blogging this year. I kind of let it lapse a bit. I blame Twitter. Bad Twitter, bad. :giggle:

8. Take an actual vacation. Preferably someplace warm. With an ocean and a beach. Someplace that isn’t work related, either. (Note, don’t bring work with you) (Note 2: Good luck with that first note)

9. Start working on those many home improvement projects. This generally means present Biker Dude with list of home improvement projects :giggle:

10. Uh…uh….uh….You know, 10 seems like a really good idea. You know, like a top ten list of goals. But I can’t think of a damn thing. How pathetic and brain dead am I today anyway? If I think of anything I’ll come back and edit it in here. Or if y’all come up with something that sounds stellar, I’ll steal it and post it here. Heh.

So I showed you mine. You show me yours? Do you do resolutions goals? If so, what are some of yours for this year?

(I can’t believe it’s 2010. Didn’t we just celebrate Y2K? Jeebus.)