The Madness Of It All

Do y’all find the holidays just freakin overwhelming? There’s just been too damn much going on over at our place lately, and I’m ready to get these holidays out of the way and resume some semblance of normalcy around here (whatever qualifies as ‘normal’ around here anyway).

First we had this starting on Christmas Eve:

Blizzard condiitons, blowing snow, oh and it sleeted before hand so there’s a sheet of ice underneath it all. My kids got stuck in our driveway for 2 hours Christmas night. Fun stuff getting them out (not).

But oh Christmas was wonderful with the kids.

#1 son and his family.


Our new granddaughter. Isn’t she a cutie?


Our daughter gets more beautiful every year.

I love having the kids around for Christmas. And the grandkids are wonderful to spend time with. Our new baby is getting bigger, but still just so tiny. She’s a delight to hold and cuddle. Enjoying every moment of that while she’s little.

Really missed #2 son, but he’s out in California so he only comes out to visit in the summer. And he was sick for Christmas, so good thing he wasn’t traveling.

And then after Christmas I had 2 migraines within 4 days. That wasn’t fun either, but I did enjoy taking some downtime. I have a book yelling at me, though, so I need to get my ass back to work.

Once we get past New Years, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Right now, Biker Dude has taken a few days off and it’s hard to work when he’s around. So we’ve been running a few errands here and there, trying to wrap up end of year stuff too.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday, that Santa was good to you (he was very good to me), and that you ring in the new year safe and healthy. I have several new books coming out next year and starting with the new year I’ll be giving away ARCs of one of my upcoming books, so stay tuned!!!