Let The Madness Begin!

Welcome to December, people! It’s time to think about holidays and shopping and wrapping and decorating and addressing cards and all the various things that go into make this month a living hell for all of us. Don’t you love the holidays? :giggle:

My head is already spinning and it’s only December 1st. I purposely set my schedule so I could take the end of the year off. Ha! Like that’s going to happen. So did anyone brave the Black Friday crowds and go shopping? I avoided this year, but I went berserk on Cyber Monday yesterday and online shopped my little heart out. Today I’m packing up some (non holiday related) stuff to ship out, and surrounding myself with Christmas cards in an effort to get that project off my desk. Wish me luck. I have a feeling the card project will go into tomorrow before it’s finished. Bleh.

I am starting on my new Berkley Heat series and I’m so excited to be writing something new. Gets the old adrenaline flowing and I can’t wait to dig in and find out more about these characters. What is the new series about? Well…I think I’ll just wait a bit before I tell you. I know…huge tease, aren’t I? But these books don’t release until 2011 so really..I’m just saving you from endless waiting. See how nice I am? In the meantime, you can start thinking about LACED WITH DESIRE, the second anthology I’m doing with Joey Hill, Jasmine Haynes and Denise Rossetti. That book releases in February. And BOUND BRANDED & BRAZEN releases in March, and the last two books in the Wild Riders series that release in July and September next year. So excited about all these releases!

And you can think about me juggling writing with all these holiday to-do’s I’m supposed to be doing. I need my own personal elf. :gah: