Great Weekend and The Week Coming Up

I had such a great weekend. Saturday, Biker Dude and I set off mid morning and had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. Really, what more can I say other than yummmmm? Great place to eat and phenomenal cheesecake. After that we did a little shopping, then stopped off at the local casino for a bit of gambling. We did pretty good, won some money and left smiling. Always good to leave with more than you came with. We’re smart enough to know when to quit, too…that helps. Heh.

After some whirlwind grocery shopping at the hell that is Wal Mart on a Saturday (on Valentines Day, no less, where there were many men holding roses and oversized teddy bears–always amusing), we finally headed home. College girl was home for the weekend so she picked up our granddaughter since we were supposed to babysit and we spent a fun evening hanging out with them. Always enjoyable to spend some time with our girls.

I also came home that day to discover that I’d won two CAPA Awards from the Romance Studio! One for Best Contemporary Romance for DARE TO LOVE, the other for Best Erotic Anthology for UNLACED.
daretolovemed2 unlaced-med1

Wheeee! Thanks so much to the reviewers at THE ROMANCE STUDIO for these awards! I was so thrilled.

Sunday was all about work for me. I finished a novella (yay!), started on galleys that came on Friday and worked on a huge ARC mailing project that needs to go out the door this week.

And then it was time for NASCAR…the launch of the racing season with the Daytona 500, which turned out to be wrecks and rain and I napped during part of it. Bleh. So kind of a dud ending since they called the race due to rain, but hey Matt Kenseth was happy since he won.

And then last night I started on my Super Sekrit Project and made some headway on that. VERY excited about it! Wheeee!

All in all, a really great weekend. This will be a short week for me because we leave Thursday for vacation–Vegas! It’s kind of a combo birthday present for Biker Dude and I since his is in December and mine is this Wednesday and we decided to take a trip to celebrate both. So very excited to take a few days of fun and downtime (though I am doing some book research while there…everything is about work ya know :giggle: ). I really really need some time off though. Bff Angie and her hubby are going to meet us there and since we haven’t seen each other in awhile I’m really looking forward to it. Can’t wait. :boobie: