The New Harley

So I’m running around like crazy doing laundry, trying to do these galleys before we leave for Las Vegas, I have a hair appt today and I need to go to the post office. And my my brain is full with my to do list and I have nothing of value to blog about.

That means today you get pictures of our new Harley! (I know…you’re excited aren’t you?) We added a few features after we got the bike (‘we’ meaning Biker Dude, of course :giggle: ) so I waited to post pics. But now she’s all pretty and perfect and ready for her debut.






And can I just say that it sucks buying a new bike in the winter when you want it warm enough to ride and most days are just freakin’ cold? Come on spring!

And the bike needs a name don’t you think? Maybe I should have a contest to name her….