Secret Treasures

I had to go to the bank today to get the title to our current Harley out of the safe deposit box.

Now I only go into our safe deposit box on rare occasions, maybe once every couple years.

Let me tell you…there’s a ton of …stuff… in our safe deposit box. It’s like a historical map of Biker Dude’s and my famillies. And because I don’t go in there very often, I usually take a few minutes and go through everything that’s in there.

My grandmother’s giant amethyst ring is in there. Now this thing is honkin huge, like 2 inches long. No one could ever wear this thing. And an amethyst isn’t an expensive stone. But the setting is Italian (as was my grandmother). She had the ring made in Italy, and I still have fond memories of gazing into her jewelry box when I was a little girl, admiring the hell out of that ring. She always told me that she’d give it to me. And she passed it onto me when she died. It’s a little piece of her I’ll always treasure and will pass down when I’m gone.

My mom’s wedding ring is there because she wanted me to have it. I remember my dad taking the diamonds from his mom’s and my mom’s rings and having them reset along with her ring into a new setting for their 25th wedding anniversary. And now that ring belongs to me and though it sits in my safe deposit box–because I could never let it stay at my house in case of fire or robbery–every time I go to the bank I take it out and look at it and remember my mother. And remember that ring on her finger.

There’s old jewelry, papers, birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce papers, papers from different houses, even various loan papers, and our will–all of it history–a documentation of our lives and our future.

It’s kind of bittersweet to sit down and see where I’ve been, to touch again the people who’ve touched my life and to revisit them again, to remember my childhood and the people who shaped me, and remember the early years of my adult life.

Ahhh, nostalgia. :heart:

So do you keep all your sentiments and papers at home, or locked up somewhere? And do you ever take a peek and a look back?