The Bachelor

Does anyone watch The Bachelor? The new season just started Monday night. Every season I swear I’m done, that I’m never going to watch it again, that it sucks, that it’s terrible, that no one ever gets their Happily Ever After. This is…what? Season 13? And out of all those seasons, only The Bachelorette, Trista, got her happily ever after with Ryan. They’re the only couple who found love on this show and are still together. Every other couple promising love and forever at the end of their season break up almost immediately afterward.

You’d think I’d have given up on this show long ago. After all, I write romance. I believe in the HEA. And maybe that’s why I continue to torture myself by watching this dumbass show season after season. I keep hoping that some couple is going to find love and actually make it work. Especially after last season. I loved Jesse. Didn’t care all that much for Deanna, but I thought Jesse was a great guy. And Jason was a great guy too. And now Jesse and Deanna have broken up. Which makes me sad because I thought they were truly in love. Now this season, Jason gets his chance as The Bachelor. But will it be any different for him, or will it be like every other season, and my heart will be broken again?

Clearly I’m a hopeless romantic. Which I guess, considering my line of work, is better than being a love-hating, jaded, bitter old hag, huh? :giggle:

What about you? Do you watch The Bachelor? And if so, what do you think about it? Do you watch it for the catty, trainwreck quality, or are you hoping for a long lasting love match?