Saturday, the 3rd of January, it was nearly 80 degrees. That meant we just had to take the Harley out for a ride. I mean hell…80 degrees in January? Of course you take the bike out for a ride.

We went out for lunch then took a ride down to Brookside, which is this quirky part of Tulsa with outside cafe’s and where a lot of bikers ride around. And let me tell you, anyone who had a bike was out yesterday. Cuz it was…ya know…80 degrees outside. :giggle: People were sitting outside in the cafes, wearing shorts, enjoying this odd warm weather, because those of us in Oklahoma know that it will be gone the next day (since I’m writing this on Sunday and it’s currently 27 degrees. Ha!).

Anyway, there’s also the Harley Davidson Dealership on Brookside. And they carry Affliction and Sinful shirts there…some of my favorites. I told Biker Dude I wanted to stop in and check out the latest shirts…maybe buy one.

We bought this instead….


Oh she’s so pretty. Her color is Red Hot. You just know I’m going to look great on it. Heh. It’s not the best photo but it was a little crowded in the showroom and we can’t bring it home until Tuesday because the title to our current bike is at the bank. So we had to leave the new bike behind. 😥

But come Tuesday…she’s all ours.

I blame the weather.