Wii Stuff and Wheee Stuff!

So Biker Dude and I got a Wii and Wii Fit right before Xmas. We finally hooked up the Wii and started playing a few days ago.

Wii is kicking our asses. In a good way. It’s getting us off the couch and moving, which is something we desperately needed. We’re having a blast bowling and playing tennis and boxing and playing golf and baseball. Omg I’m so sore. It’s awesome. We haven’t even hooked up the Wii Fit yet because we’re having too much fun playing the basic games that came with the Wii. Nor have we bought any additional Wii games yet, so if you have a Wii and have any recommendations for us, let me know. We really aren’t interested in any game that requires us to sit on our asses (God knows I do plenty of that when I write). The objective of getting the Wii was finding games that require us to get up and move around. Though I suggested Dance Revolution to Biker Dude and he didn’t seem at all interested in that idea. :giggle:

The other Wheee is that I found out The Romance Studio handed out their annual CAPA Award nominations. Dare To Love has been nominated in the Contemporary Romance category, and the Unlaced anthology has been nominated in the Erotic Anthology category. I’m so honored and grateful to the reviewers at The Romance Studio for these nominations! Thank you so much!