Celebration Dance Cuz The Book Is Done!

I’m done! Done done done!

I finished RIDING THE EDGE this morning, one of my Wild Riders stories. It’ll be a longer novella for an anthology that’ll release late next year.

I have to tell you this was a hard book to write. I don’t know if it’s because the storyline or characters were difficult, or because I started it in the midst of all the holiday preparations, but i feel like it took me FOR-EV-AH to write this freakin book.

But I wrapped it up by knocking out the last 5000 words this morning, so this baby is done. Done done done and I did the happy dance all over the house (yes, I look like an idiot when I do this, and no, I don’t care. :giggle: )

Now I’ll put it to bed for a few days to get it out of my mind. I have copyedits on another book that are due back to my publisher like…oh…right now. So I have to tackle those right away. Once those are done I’ll start editing Riding The Edge so I can get that turned in. Because I have another novella I need to start writing on like…oh…right now. Such is my life. :giggle:

But for now, happy dance with me! :boobie: