Gustav and Work and a Confession

Gustav made his way here to Oklahoma last night. It’s dark here this morning with wind and rain. We get some pretty badass storms all the time here in Oklahoma anyway, so this is just another one.

I’m at the office with Biker Dude today (and will be again tomorrow) helping him out with a few things. We used to work together all the time until my work got too busy that I couldn’t help him out with his work. So it’s nice to hang out with him again. I think. Hey, at least I can cuss at the boss. :giggle:

So confession time: I watched the new 90210 last night. I freely admit I was a dedicated viewer of the old Beverly Hills 90210 in the 90’s. I loved Kelly and Dylan and Brandon and Donna and Steve and Andrea and Brenda and the whole gang. I watched it with my boys, who were teens back then. Loved it.

I semi enjoyed the new series last night. Though I thought it was kind of overloaded with plot, almost like a massive info dump in the first chapter of a book. Too much too soon, like they tried to shove an entire season’s worth of stuff in the first two hours. But some of the characters are interesting and there’s room for growth, so I’ll keep watching for now to see what happens. Besides, Kelly and Brenda are on there, and I really liked seeing some of my old favorites.

Did anyone else watch it?