Look! Pretty!

Berkley sent me my first look copy of RIDING TEMPTATION! It’s so pretty! I stroked the cover, held it close, flipped through the pages! I so can’t wait for y’all to see this book. Only a month to go before release. (Oct 7th!!!!)


Riding Temptation Front Here’s the front


Riding Temptation Back Here’s the back

(You have to forgive us authors. We get awfully excited when we get to hold our books in our hands for the very first time. This is my…uh…40 somethingth book, though not all of those are in print. Still, the feeling is still as awesome as the first one.)


I also received an incredible 4 1/2 Star review for RIDING TEMPTATION from Romantic Times Bookreviews Magazine’s October issue. Keitha Hart said:

The second novel in the Wild Riders series is a sexy, fast-action thrill ride! Every interaction between the central charactes is infused with passion and sexual tension…With its well-developed characters and entralling plot, readers will be drawn into the romantic and suspenseful storyline.

Thank you Keitha!

You can read all about my Wild Riders series here, including excerpts and links to buy. RIDING TEMPTATION is the second book in the series but stands alone. Though really, you should read RIDING WILD which is out now and available everywhere. Really. :giggle: