Back To Work Everyone

The Labor Day Weekend is over. Put the pool toys and BBQ away. It’s time to go back to work.

Of course I worked yesterday anyway.Biker Dude had to go to work yesterday, so I figured since I had the house to myself, I might as well start tackling those revisions. I went through and did the line edits, so today it’s content time. This is going to be a big project, so I’ll be at it for awhile. Fun. (Not really).

Sometime tonight or tomorrow Gustav will be making his way up toward us, bringing high winds and rain. Of course here in Oklahoma, high winds and rain are pretty normal for storms. I just find it fascinating that a hurricane makes its way this far from the water. 

The cough is going well. My ribs and back hurt. Bleh.

So is anyone going to be productive this week? My to do list will consist of revisions, revisions and revisions. What’s on yours?