New Author Photo

Jaci Burton Author Photo Med

So if you’ve been tooling around on my website recently, you’ll notice there’s a new author photo up. I actually had one taken last year–a headshot. But I didn’t really like it. Why? Eh, it was one of those professional studio shots of…uh…my head. Wearing my professional clothes, when I was all made up. And it just wasn’t….me.

The one above I really like, though it too was taken by a professional photographer. But by a photographer who lives in my home town. We had family pictures taken a couple months ago. Outside, at this really pretty place that I just loved. As you can see, we really dressed up for those family pictures. Blue jeans and white shirts. Hey, that’s how my family rolls. :giggle:

But when we were there having our pictures taken I asked the photographer to take a few shots of just me for my website, because I wanted an author photo that was more natural, more me. There’s nothing worse than trying to find an author at an event and not knowing what she looks like because the photo on her site is either a) 20 years old or b) photoshopped to death or c) looks nothing like the author really looks.

So if you ever see me at a convention or signing, this is what I look like. Though I do wear glasses. And I might not get to wear my jeans at a conference. Then again, maybe I will. Heh.