Back to Business

Well the workshop is over, everyone’s back from the RWA conference, and I need to get back to the business of blogging.

Bet y’all are just dying to know what I’ve been up to (or not :giggle: )

Last week I worked on a proposal for a new book. Wrote a honking long synopsis, a couple chapters, cleaned it all up and sent it off to my agent on Monday. Once that was off my desk, I read through galleys (finished page proofs) for THE TIES THAT BIND, my novella in the UNLACED anthology coming from Berkley Heat in December. Sent corrections off to my editor this morning.

Basically, all my pending projects are done! I do have a novella I need to write for Samhain, which I can either start on this week or wait until after I get back from vacation.

Yes…vacation. Starting Saturday, Biker Dude and I will be taking five glorious days and going on vacation. The vacation story is interesting since Hurricane Dolly blasted our vacation plans right out of the water. We were going to go to South Padre Island in south Texas…you know, that place where the hurricane made landfall? Yeah, no such luck. The hotel called us on Friday and said they sustained too much damage which hasn’t yet been repaired so they cancelled us. So we had to make alternate plans. Which we did. Because I SO need to get out of town, rest and recharge my batteries.

So the rest of this week will be spent doing laundry, making a packing list, doing some cleanup and reorganizing since I’ve been mostly writing nonstop since January without a break, and maybe working on the novella. And reading! I so need to catch up on reading. There are some great books that I have that I need to read.

What are you doing this week?