I’m Back!

I know, y’all didn’t even know I was gone :giggle:

So yesterday morning my phone line died. No phone line, no dsl. No dsl, no internet. It was horrible. Thank God for my Blackberry so I could get my emails.

This morning, phone line comes back up. Great.

But no internet.  :gah:  . So I had to mess with the router and the dsl modem for an hour or so and when I realized I couldn’t make it work, I had to call AT&T (calling tech support is never my idea of a good time).

And did I mention I’m trying to write a novella this week? I’m on a mission here, people. I so do not have time to screw away 3 hours of my day.

So I talk to the tech support dude. An hour later he hands me off to the ‘next’ level of support. (Apparently, there are ‘tiers’.) Whatever. Twenty minutes later, this dude says he has to turn it into maintenance, who should have it fixed in 4 hours. Fine, whatever.

Ten minutes later my internet is back up, which leads me to believe all maintenance had to do was walk into a back room and flip some freaking’ switch. Now why couldn’t they do that in the first place?

Corporate hierarchies. Geez.

Anyway, I have internet. I’m happy. And now 3 hours behind on my writing for the day. Ack.

By the way, I WILL finish the novella by the end of the weekend, making my goal. I’ll report in definitely on Monday to let you know, but I’m certain it’ll be done.