It’s Done! It’s Done!

Done! done done done!

My novella is finished (UNRAVELED, releasing from Samhain Publishing in December). I started last Monday and finished today. 30K in a week! Woo to the hooo!

My tendonitis is killing me, but by God that book is done! :glee:

I would show you the end of book happy dance, but I don’t have a webcam. Really, for a wicked cool end of book happy dance, go see Lauren Dane’s blog, then think of me doing it. Lauren rocks it like nobody’s business. :giggle:

So how come I can write a 30K novella in a week, but I can’t write a 100K single title in a month?

One of those life mysteries I just can’t fathom, I guess.

Anyway, another project ticked off the to do list.

Now to go wrap my arm. :giggle: