So tonight

Well late this afternoon actually. I mowed the back yard while Biker Dude went to get gas for the mower (we have an acre and a half and a riding mower. Yee ha!). I call it the ‘tanning machine’. I ride, the sun tans me.

However we have about six very tall, very sharp pine trees out back. Trying to mow around these suckers is not fun. The tall white pines aren’t too bad, but the shorter ones have these sticky ‘thingies’ that are just obnoxious and painful.

The trees assaulted me. I didn’t even notice I was bleeding until I was well clear of the trees.

Bastards. I have a chainsaw and know how to use it. Don’t mess with me. (Okay, I dont’ know how to use the chainsaw, but Biker Dude does :giggle: ).

So anyway, after cleaning up we decided to take a ride on the bike to get dinner (fighting off woman eating pine trees works up an appetite).

We went to Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut used to have this great dinner for two meal deal. Like around $17 for a medium pizza, salad bar and drinks for two. Sweet. They don’t offer the meal deals anymore. Everything is separate.

Thirty bucks it cost for a medium pizza, two salad bars and two sodas. Holy shit! No wonder the place was practically empty on a Friday night. We’ll be taking our pizza appetite somewhere else in the future. You suck, Pizza Hut.

The ride home on the bike was heaven. It was dark, temps had cooled off, and we took the back roads home. As we rounded a curve, there right at the side of the road was a deer. She was utterly still, just watching us as we crept by (Biker Dude slowed to make sure she wasn’t going to dart into the road). She was so pretty.

And the fireflies were out in the woods, like little fairie lighting our way home.

It was a beautiful night.

And yes, Angie, we wore our helmets. ;;)