Short weeks due to holidays mess with my head. I never know what day it is. So today’s Thursday, right?

Galleys for Riding Temptation are finished! I’ll be faxing corrected pages over to my editor this morning. Which means I don’t have to read the book anymore! Gah. It’s so hard to get to this point in a book. By this time I’ve written the book, edited the book, edited the book, reread the book, revised the book, reread the book, read through copyedits and then had to read the final typeset books, I’m so done. Sort of :giggle: . Because oh man is it difficult during the galley stage not to want to make changes again (they really frown on that :giggle: ). It’s always hard for an author–or at least for THIS author–to let go. But I did. It’s done and gone and reading through the story I really, really like it and hope you do too when it releases.

So all the projects are done and I can finally get back to Riding On Instinct, my book due…gulp…July 1st. I’m way behind! Hopefully nothing else will show up to sidetrack me between now and then. :chair:

On an exciting note, my Samhain editor asked me to write a Christmas story, so for those of you who fell in love with Mitch in last year’s holiday story, UNWRAPPED, he’ll be getting his own book in this year’s UNRAVELED. Look for it in December at Samhain! (And if you haven’t met Mitch yet, now’s a good time to read Unwrapped).

Off to write! :devilwhip: