Weekend Observations

1. I really needed some sleep, and holy crap could I ever power nap. I think I might be exhausted :giggle: .

2. I saw Nora Roberts’ High Noon commercial on Lifetime over the weekend. She looked gorgeous.

3. Karmal Sutra Ice Cream by Ben & Jerry’s. O-M-G. Orgasm in a carton. Srsly.

4. Mother Nature is not done fucking with us. Really, we’ve had enough rain now and I could have used power in my house yesterday morning. Please stop with the rain or Biker Dude will have to build a boat. kthxbai.

5. Groceries are nearly as expensive as gas. Jeebus!

6. I didn’t do nearly enough writing this weekend, meaning the whip comes out this week. :devilwhip: