So after the crisis that was my week, I knuckled down and did a bunch of work this weekend.

Saturday night, Biker Dude decided I needed a break. He made me step away from the revisions and told me he was taking me out to dinner. By ‘taking me out to dinner’, he meant take a nice 2 hour drive down south to a little Italian town where we could have some authentic Italian food. We ate at this great restaurant where we even had a private room all our own. I had a great class of Chianti, we had tons of food (they serve everyone family style, which meant salad, bread, spaghetti, meatballs, ravioli, antipasto in addition to your main course!). I was stuffed. Then another leisurely 2 hour drive home. It was heavenly. Relaxing, lots of quiet time alone with my babe, and very stress relieving. I needed it and he knew it. That’s why I love him. :heart:

Things are going well here with the revisions. Should have them knocked out within a few days and be back on schedule for April. :boobie: