Fun With The Guys

I love writing men. Male friendships, especially, which is why I love my Wild Riders series with Berkley. I’ve grinned a lot while doing these revisions to Riding Temptation. Here’s a little snippet between my hero, Diaz, and one of the other Wild Riders, Spence:

(Warning – my guys do not say ‘goshdarnit’ and ‘oh fudge’. They cuss and say dirty words. A lot.)

“What the fuck,” Diaz muttered.

“She’s doing a good job getting close to him,” Spence said. “He seems really taken with her.”

“He’s old enough to be her…”

Spence grinned. “He’s about your age, moron.”

“Fuck you.”

Spence laughed. “Jealous, huh?” Spence leaned back and studied Diaz. “This is a new side to you.”

“Do you really want to brawl with me out here, Spence?”

Spence arched a brow. “Do you really want me to kick your ass again?”

“Again? You were the one with the broken arm.”

“You needed stitches. That’s why you’re so ugly now.”

Diaz’s lips quirked. Leave it to Spence to shake him out of this mood. “The stitches were in the back of my head.”

“That’s why you have no fucking sense.”

Diaz laughed. “Smartass. Let’s go. I want to keep an eye on them.”

“You go. I see Stephanie. I’m going to do a little intel of my own.”

“Pussy is not intel, Spence.”

“That’s what you think. You’d be amazed what a woman will tell you when you’re giving her an orgasm.” Spence winked and moved off to catch up to the petite redhead waving in their direction.

Riding Temptation releases Oct 7th and is available for preorder from Amazon