And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse…

Finished up galleys for The Darkest Touch Thursday and those went back to Bantam. Yayyyy!

The next day Fedex dropped off revisions for Riding Temptation from Berkley. Yikes!

So yesterday I wrote 6000 words (yes! 6000 words in one day! :glee: ) and finished my 4th Demon Hunters book, The Darkest Temptation. Yayyyy!

Now onto revisions for the Berkley book, which I need to wrangle asap because I have a book in process for Samhain that I need to finish, preferably before the end of April. Because I have to jump in and start writing the next Berkley book, Riding on Instinct. It’s due July 1st.

Tequila anyone? :chair: