What’s Going On?

I hope y’all are back to it this week. I know I am.

I made some awesome progress on The Ties That Bind last week (my Berkley novella), so hoping to continue that this week.

I got a new toy last week that’s been consuming a lot of my time–a Blackberry Pearl. It’s black, so I’ve dubbed my phone The Black Pearl (gotta love Pirates Of The Caribbean to understand the reference :giggle:). Anyway, I’m still in learning mode and had to have AT&T’s help several times to do some updates for me (and may I just say I’ve had some rockin awesome AT&T customer service people helping me. I love when people actually know their jobs. Thank you, AT&T!). But I’ve just about got it working the way I want it to, so I’m pretty happy with it.

Biker Dude and I watched the latest Die Hard movie over the weekend. I suffered major action and explosion overload, but it was a typical Die Hard movie so even though my head was spinning and my eyeballs were bugging out and my disbelief was overly suspended, we enjoyed it. Next up is the Harry Potter movie which hopefully will arrive from Netflix by tomorrow.

This week I’ll be singing the praises of some awesome ARCs I’ve read lately. I might also be talking about some of my books (imagine that). I’m also thinking of changing up my sidebar a bit and listing the books I read this year (Edited to add: Already did that on left sidebar…what do you think?) I keep wanting to do that somewhere just so I can keep track of what I read during the year. It’s always nice to take a look back at what we read, and if I don’t start listing them, I forget. Know what I mean?

So what are y’all up to?