All About ARCs

No, not mine this time, but the ARC winners of RIDING WILD should be receiving them this week! :boobie:

I’m talking about the ones I’m reading.

Did y’all know that on February 5th, not only does my book release from Berkley, but also Meljean Brooks’ DEMON NIGHT and Nalini Singh’s MINE TO POSSESS?

I happen to have received ARCs of both these books. And let me tell y’all…O-M-G. You HAVE to have them. Seriously. I’ll be talking about them in more detail shortly, but just…OMG. Meljean and Nalini are two of the best paranormal writers out there today. I love both these series in a huge way, can’t wait for the next book to be released, and I was giddy as hell when they offered up a sneak peek of their February releases. You’ll just squeal and wet your pants when you read them. Nalini’s hero, Clay, and Meljean’s hero, Ethan? *sigh*. Just….*sigh*.

Well, that’s all I’m going to say now.

Oh, and that’s not all. You know what else releases on the same day as RIDING WILD, DEMON NIGHT AND MINE TO POSSESS?

Joey Hill’s THE MARK OF THE VAMPIRE QUEEN, and Dakota Cassidy’s THE ACCIDENTAL WEREWOLF. Dakota sent me an ARC of her book and I’m reading that next. I’m so behind on my reading and I can’t wait to dig in!
More on these books soon, too.

Yes, five rockin Berkley books all on the same day!!! Mark your calendars! Save your money! they all release one month from today! You’ll want all our books. Seriously. :giggle: