Last Day Of The Year

Over the weekend I finished Riding Temptation, emailed it to my editor, so that’s one project off my desk. :cheer:

I also finished the proposal for my next demon hunters book and today I’ll be emailing that to my other editor, so that’s another project off my desk. :sasmokin:

I’m stoked. Hell of a way to finish off the year. I have a book I need to write in January (yes, an entire book) so my desk is clear and I’ll be ready to dive in January 1st! Everything’s right on schedule. I love when that happens. :boobie:

So tonight Biker Dude and I are going to fix munchies and either watch college football or movies. (We do not go out on New Years Eve….crazy people on the roads!) #1 son and family might come over and hang out with us. College daughter is no doubt the one who’ll be dressing up to go party. Heh. That figures. She usually eats at better restaurants than we do, too. What’s up with that?

Anyone have fun plans for tonight?

And Happy New Year!!!