Back To Work

The holidays are over. It’s back to work time. Though it seems like another day for me, since I worked through the holidays (note to self: never schedule deadlines during the holidays. :chair:).

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I’ve missed you. It’s been lonely around here. Now drag your butts back :giggle:

Yesterday while I parked my butt on the sofa to watch 94 college bowl games I got a decent start on my novella. This month I’ll be working on The Ties That Bind, my novella contribution to the Unlaced anthology for Berkley Heat. I’ll be in this anthology with the wonderfully talented Joey Hill and Jasmine Haynes, which will release sometime in 2009. I’m very excited! :boobie:. I already love the story I’m working on. It’s two lovers reunited and I already know these two characters are going to break my heart.

Speaking of college football and bowl games, tonight is the Fiesta bowl. Our Oklahoma Sooners play West Virginia. I’ll be dressing up in my OU clothing, making enchiladas, having the kids over for dinner and we’ll be glued to the T.V. Considering that OU has lost the past couple bowl games they’ve played in, we’re hoping for a better outcome this year. Go Sooners!

Biker Dude had to go back to work today. He had to take his vacation since he had a really busy year and kinda sorta forgot to take his second week of vacation (doh!) but it turned out great because he was off from Christmas Eve until yesterday and it was wonderful. Though he wasn’t really around all that much since he spent a lot of that time building a trailer for the motorcyle. Still, he wasn’t at work, spent mornings having coffee with me and we hung out a lot. I miss him! :heart:

Is everyone back at work today, back to your normal routines, or still on vacation the rest of the week? What’s on the To Do List the rest of the week?