My Editor Is For Sale

Among other things.

All About Romance is holding an auction to benefit Hands On New Orleans. Lots of great things to bid on. ARCs from Meg Cabot and Nora Robers, signed books from bestselling authors. Critiques from agents and editors. Read about it below!

Two years ago AAR readers and our friends in the publishing industry banded together to raise over $11,000 in our first AAR Aid auction to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

As we all know, many in the blighted areas are still suffering. So, once again All About Romance will be holding an ebay auction to benefit Hands On New Orleans, a highly rated charitable organization dedicated to facilitating volunteerism in the city. Their partners are Home Depot, Coca Cola, the Corporation for National and Community Service, Cisco Systems, and FedEx, to name just a few, and their current projects include restoring houses that remain uninhabitable, street and parks clean-up and restoration, and support for local food banks and animal shelters.

Angela James, Executive Editor for Samhain Publishing, is offering a 30 page critique. Now I happen to think Angie is a pretty stellar editor. I love being edited and she’s damn good at it. She tells me when I suck, which makes me a better writer (Okay, she’s nice when she tells me I suck. She does it all professionally and stuff.) But really, editing is what it’s all about. We writers aren’t perfect. We need that magic touch, someone with keen insights who knows what will make the book better. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

Go here to bid on Angie’s critique.