Conference and Contest and Sven Stuff

There is a contest in this blog post. Keep reading.

The writing challenge is going well for me so far. I’m taking the new writing portion slow to start, since I also have revisions to do. About 750 words in the morning on the new book, then I slide into revisions on the other book for the rest of the day. As soon as revisions are done, I’ll be stepping up the new book in a major way. (deadlines, ya know).

So my local chapter’s conference last weekend was great! It’s a small conference, which I really like, because you have an opportunity to really mix with everyone. Unfortunately I had a hideous migraine on Saturday which put a crimp in one of the days, but I muddled through.

I got to meet Mary Theresa Hussey of Silhouette, which I was so excited about. She’s so sweet and so savvy about everything Harlequin/Silhouette. When I first started writing, they were my dream publisher. In many ways, they still are. They do so many things right. Maybe someday in the future I’ll get to write for one of their lines/imprints.

Elaine Spencer of The Knight Agency was also there. Though Deidre Knight is my agent, I work with Elaine on other things so it was great to spend a little time with her.

And Gena Showalter was there, funny and gorgeous as usual. She was also first in line at the bar, even though I’m sure she’ll deny it. I have proof though. Must upload and post the picture. :giggle:

My RWI chapter sisters are wonderful. Supportive, talented, friendly, sweet, and I couldn’t ask for a better chapter to belong to. They really are an incredible group and they put together a wonderful conference.

Our speakers were fabulous. Allison Brennan, Jenna Petersen, Barbara Dawson Smith and Jodi Thomas. All amazingly talented and oh so friendly. There’s nothing like hanging out with fellow writers for a weekend. Makes me feel like part of a sisterhood (and brotherhood, for the writer guys who were also there).

Oh, and the Marshall football team was at the hotel too, playing Tulsa over the weekend. So we got to ogle some mighty fine looking college football players. Bonus! :hips:

Now for the contest part. I came back with books! Lots and lots of books! And these great book bags that all conference attendees received. So here’s your chance to win a bookbag stuffed with books!

Post here with a comment about how you’re doing with the writing challenge, if you’re participating, or what you’ve been reading, or what you’re anticipating reading, or what new or returning Fall TV show you’re enjoying the most. I’m so buried in my deadlines lately that I’m completely out of the loop so I want to know what’s going on in TV and book land! I’ll draw a winner sometime over the weekend.