New Cover!

UNWRAPPED is my Samhain Christmas story, but this one takes place in Hawaii so the cover is absolutely perfect! Isn’t it gorgeous? (Thank you Scott…and Angie! :heart:)

Here’s the blurb:

When Justin Garrett accidentally views Amy Parker’s private online journal, he sees the cold corporate exec in a brand new light. It seems the icy, unapproachable Amy has fantasies. Fantasies that both appall and intrigue her.

No one knows the real Amy Parker, and she’s satisfied to keep it that way. A woman with kinky tastes wouldn’t cut it in the straight-laced law firm where she’s fought her way to partnership. And she certainly refuses to let a man younger than her use her to advance in the firm. Justin Garrett might be brilliant, gorgeous and sexy as hell, but he’s firmly implanted in her fantasies and that’s where he’ll stay.

While working together on a corporate acquisition in Hawaii over the Christmas holidays, Justin sets out to make Amy’s dreams come true. But first he has to warm her frosty heart and show her that he’s interested in her as a woman, not as a way to advance his career. By giving her exactly what she’s always wished for—a night of passion with two men who adore her—he hopes to climb right into her heart. And he knows the ideal other man to help unwrap the perfect Christmas gift for Amy.

UNWRAPPED releases December 4th at Samhain Publishing!