Welcome To My Life

The Demon’s Touch is finished. It’s currently….gelling…in a closed file on my computer. (Which means I’m avoiding it right now, debating whether it’s really done and ready to send to my editor, or whether I want to give it one more read through and rip it apart. Again.)

I’m writing Unwrapped, my Samhain Christmas novella set it Hawaii. Woo hooo! Santa, surf and sex! What could be more fun! :boobie: I have GOT to wrap up writing this book by this weekend.

Revisions for Riding Wild, my Feb 2008 Berkley Heat book, arrived yesterday. They’re due back on the 19th. Holy crap. :hide:

I need to plot the next Wild Riders book like…uhhh…right now. Or yesterday. My editor requested a main character change for the next book, which means an entirely new plotline than the one I was going to write next. So I’m under the gun because this book is due to my editor by Jan 1st. Guess what I’ll be doing this holiday season? Besides shopping online.

Biker Dude’s busy season at work is RIGHT NOW. I need to go to the office and help him the next few days. Yeah, I’ve got time for that. Not.

Buddy will be home from the vet’s office probably this weekend. Full time care for him for awhile. Yeah, I’ve got time for that. Not.

#1 son and his fiancée and their daughter are moving to Oklahoma! Woo hooo! Until they find a place to live, they’ll be staying with us. Love them. Adore my granddaughter. She’s 4. I can’t wait until they get here (which should be next weekend sometime). And unfortunately, this couldn’t be the worst possible time to have them here. 😥

Don’t you just love when life happens?

Pass the Xanax. Or a clone.